Hopes Fading For Bury’s BNP

FOLLOWING a poor showing in 2005 the BNP are hoping to capitalise on a Labour demise in Bury North.

The general consensus among residents in this constituency is that the BNP candidate John Maude will probably fail.

In the 2005 Election the BNP only managed 1790 votes, a total of 4%.

Maggie Blundell, 46, from Ramsbottom, said: “The BNP just disgust me, I don’t care for them at all. I have voted Labour for the last 25 years and I will vote for them again.”

However, Christopher Hughes, 29, from Bury believes that the BNP could surprise people.

“Why not, it’s time for a change,” said Mr Hughes.

Nevertheless, if a change is going to come it looks more likely it will be a Conservative seat rather than BNP one.

Tabatha Wainwright, 31, a primary school teacher in Bury, said: “I think the conservatives really have a chance here.”

So, it certainly looks like the BNP candidate John Maude will not be claiming a seat in the Bury North constituency.

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