UKIP Candidate Wants To Clean Up Politics

By Paul Irving

STEPHEN EVANS, Bury North’s UKIP candidate, believes leaving the EU would help remove corruption from politics.

Mr Evans said he was sick of being a member of the great ignored and now represents UKIP because the party do not suppress debate, especially over Europe.

And, for Mr Evans, Europe is the biggest example of the way people are having something forced upon them.

“I believe that the British people have always integrated but they are now being asked to change to not upset the other groups, forcing change is not the way,” he said.

According to Mr Evans, UKIP can offer much more than just a strong stance on Europe.

He said: “It is the only party that does not intend to operate a whip system forcing our representatives to vote against their better judgement.”

He added:  “Common sense has been dead in the house for years.”

Mr Evans is concerned for peoples’ freedom and cites ID cards, tracking devices in cars, and smoking bans as evidence of freedoms being eroded.

“We no longer live in a free society, we are watched and monitored everywhere we go,” he said.

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