Young People’s Politics To The Fore

By James Trueman

Pirate Party UK candidate Graeme Lambert views this election as a real chance to get young people interested in politics.

Mr Lambert, 19, a bookmaker’s assistant manager, is running for the Bury North seat vacated by Labour MP David Chaytor.

And he sees his candidacy as an opportunity to represent those disillusioned with current politics.

He said: “I want to lead by example for all of the young and working class people that I have shared anger towards politics with over the last 12-18 months.

“Our government needs a breath of fresh air and MPs with fresh, new ideas to boost the country.”

This is the first general election the Pirate Party UK has contested since forming in 2009, driven by the issues of copyright reform, anti-surveillance and freedom of speech.

Mr Lambert discovered the Pirate Party UK after the 2009 European elections, and immediately joined after agreeing with their views on copyright reforms.

He said: “I want the creative artists to be rewarded for what they do fairly, and for the public to receive these works into the public domain much sooner than they do now.”

Mr Lambert also opposes in its current form, the Digital Economy Act that was recently passed. 

He said: “The Digital Economy Act serves to protect the profits the monopolies gain whilst removing the civil and human rights of people who have the initiative to adapt to new technology.”

In terms of campaigning, Mr Lambert has been out canvassing Bury North asking constituents which local and national issues concern them.

He also took part in a candidate debate on April 29 in Bury town centre organised by The Independent.

But he has vowed that even if he isn’t successful on May 6, the fight won’t end there.

He said: “I will be campaigning on May 7th as the Pirate Party UK candidate for the next General Election and the next European Parliamentary election, whichever comes first.”

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