‘Phone could be in Edinburgh’: Police find clues in search for missing Stone Roses fan Chris Brahney

By Dean Wilkins

The phone of missing Stone Roses fan Chris Brahney could be in Edinburgh, believe officers investigating his disappearance.

The 22-year-old was last seen at the band’s Friday gig in Manchester’s Heaton Park and a huge social media campaign is in place to help the search.

Police believe Mr Brahney may have returned to the park to find a lost phone, which they now think could be in Scotland.

Police officers trying to find missing Christopher Brahney believe the phone he was desperately trying to find before his disappearance could be in Edinburgh.

Detective Inspector Debbie Oakes said: “This time a week ago Chris was looking forward to seeing one of his favourite bands in the flesh. Today, we have no idea where he is and his family are, understandably, fraught with worry as to his whereabouts.

“The public response to the appeal to find Chris, which has largely been orchestrated by his friends, has been fantastic and generated a number of lines of inquiry for us.

“We now have a number of leads that we are pursuing and while we cannot say for sure where Chris went after he was seen by his friends, a picture is emerging of a young man who was lost, separated from his friends and trying to make his way home.

“The potential sighting near the MaccabI Sports Centre suggests that Chris could have been trying to work his way back to Heaton Park, and I would urge anyone who may have been in this area at this time to get in touch if they think they can help.

“We have also now had an indication that Chris’ phone may be in Edinburgh. This is the phone that Chris was trying to find when he went missing.

“I do not want the public to jump to any conclusions as to the significance of this; at this stage all indications suggest that someone else now has this phone in their possession.

“I would urge that person to come forward. I want to reassure him or her that they are not in any trouble with the police. All we are interested in is what they know and they may well have information that is vital to this inquiry.”

Detectives are also asking members of the public and businesses to search outhouses or on top of small buildings for any sign of Chris having tried to lie low there that night.

Christopher is white of slim build, with short brown hair. He was last seen wearing a dark blue top, light blue shirt, maroon trousers and green wellington boots.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 7652.


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