Are teens using Tinder? MM hits the streets to ask the young adults of Manchester

It was presumed that having a Tinder account was just as common as having Instagram or Twitter. 

Yet going out on the streets of Manchester, MM found that online dating seems like a terribly taboo topic amongst the younger generations.

With over 50 million people on Tinder, the teens of Manchester seemingly still feel a little awkward to use this trendy app and throughout interviews that we conducted on the street, many believe that they are too immature for it.

So is there really a rise in online dating? Could it really overtake the traditional setting of meeting someone at the pub or at work?

Right now it seems like the conventional going up to someone face-to-face to say ‘hello’ could still be popular amongst some circles.

In conclusion, our investigation has led to the fact that even among millennials, online dating is still a strange idea that many would rather go up to the person or simply just find their Snapchat.

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