Gossiping juror sent home from trial over killing of Droylsden mum Leanne McNuff for discussing case on bus

By Sophia Rahman

A juror in the trial over the killing of a Droylsden mum was discharged from jury service today for discussing court proceedings on the bus.

The female juror was sent home from the Leanne McNuff trial after a member of the public emailed Manchester Crown Court saying they had overheard the conversation.

The email provided a description of her appearance and comments which the judge said could only have been made by someone present in the courtroom.

Mr Justice MacDuff said it was ‘less than ideal’ that the trial would now continue with an 11 person jury after the woman was sent home.

He went on to warn the jury of holding such discussions, and advised them to retain an ‘open mind’ until they have heard all the proceedings.

Leanne McNuff, 24, was stabbed by former soldier Ian Lowe, a Lance Corporal in the army, at her home in Droylsden last March.

Lowe, 25, admits manslaughter but denies murder.

The trial continues.

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