Let’s stun Britain again: Respect Party want Manchester by-election candidate to repeat George Galloway’s shock win

By John Paul Shammas

The Respect Party are hoping to reproduce George Galloway’s shock-win during the by-elections after revealing their Manchester candidate.

Catherine Higgins will contest the seat on a platform which aims to put Manchester first, holding little regard for what she calls ‘Westminster Bubble’.

Mrs Higgins is of Sierra Leonean descent and has lived in the UK for more than 20 years.

Alongside being a mother of six, she is also a local community advocate and a political campaigner in Manchester with a track record of helping with benefit, housing and immigration issues.

She said: “I put myself forward because I have a great yearning for real change, not one that is scripted, dictated then abandoned but one that is practiced.

“George Galloway’s stunning election victory in March is a model for an election campaign that can bring real change. It is time for the same in Manchester.

“The Human spirit is being drained as Job Centre Plus has sub-contracted job seeking to private companies who really do not show due care to their customers, hence leaving unemployed people treated like second class citizens.

“I have slowly watched my neighbours, friends and families lives deteriorate due to the economic climate.”

She intends to stand for election on a platform of opposition to the growing inequality and degradation of our communities, and her platform identifies that abolishing tuition fees, restoring the EMA, free school meals and employing more teachers is the way to do it.

Whilst Mrs Higgins was announced as the candidate for The Respect Party this week, she is in fact not the first candidate to be put forward for the by-election.

Kate Hudson was put forward in June, however she stepped down after George Galloway made controversial statements about rape.

Writing in her blog, the former candidate wrote: “I cannot in all conscience, stand as candidate for a party whose only MP has made unacceptable and un-retracted statements about the nature of rape.

“To continue as Respect Party candidate in this situation, no matter how much I object to and oppose his statements personally, would be in effect to condone what he has said. That is something I am not prepared to do.”

The by-election for Manchester Central will take place on November 15.

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