Manchester revellers warned over glass and bottle-related violence ahead of Christmas and New Year

By Carly Trigg

Manchester revellers are being warned about glass and bottle-related violent incidents ahead of the Christmas and New Year period.

Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne is calling for an urgent discussion on possible solutions to the problem, which mainly affects the bar and club scene.

There are 87,000 glass-related incidents registered yearly with 5,500 estimated glassings, according to home office figures.

Mr Gwynne said: “Lots of people go out for a drink and a dance but come back with cuts and bruises.

“It would be great if a consensus could be reached to promote the use of plastic alternatives and wherever possible replace glass with plastic in venues during the festive period.”

Mr Gwynne’s urgency for a glass consensus comes after Wrexham MP Ian Lucas raised concern for glass violence and urged for a compulsory use of plastic glasses and bottles in bars and clubs.

Numerous Manchester bars and clubs have already switched from glass to polycarbonate, one of these being AXM club in Manchester.

Other venues, such as Yates’, have made steps in the crack-down of glass-related incidents by switching glass with plastic during football matches.

 “We all want a good time during Christmas and the New Year but we want to keep safe as well,” Mr Gwynne added.

“No one is suggesting a blanket ban and nor do we want to put an extra burden on pubs, bars and clubs when the economy is already struggling.”

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