Corruption, drugs and sexual assaults: 52 Greater Manchester Police officers suspended from duty in last five years

By Henry Vaughan

Fifty-two Greater Manchester Police officers were suspended from duty since 2008 for offences including corruption, assault, theft, drugs and sexual offences, MM can reveal.

And 25 serving officers have criminal convictions for offences including traffic violations and misconduct in public office – and four for violence against persons.

The data released under the Freedom of Information Act reveals that last year, one officer was suspended due to criminal conduct relating to drugs and another for misconduct in public office – they both resigned.

According to police regulations an officer can only be suspended in the public interest or if the investigation of the case is likely to be prejudiced.

In the financial year 2011-12 three officers resigned after one was suspended for drugs, one for misuse of force systems and one for use of force on arrest.

Another officer suspended due to disclosure of information received a final written warning.

From 2010-11 two officers were suspended due to sexual offences – both resigned – and two were suspended for criminal conduct relating to drink driving – one was dismissed, the other resigned.

Two officers received final written warnings for oppressive conduct and misuse of force systems respectively, while another was dismissed for harassment.

Two more resigned due to sexual offences and three for offences including assault, theft and misconduct in public office.

Chief Superintendent Paul Rumney from GMP’s Professional Standards Branch said: “Greater Manchester Police expects the highest standards from all officers and staff. Every day there are outstanding examples of work to protect the public and make Greater Manchester safer.”

“Occasionally, these efforts are undermined by cases where officers and staff abuse their police powers or position and their behaviour impacts on public trust and confidence.

“Where officers resign in connection with allegations of criminality, the normal judicial process continues unaffected by the resignation.

“GMP is working with staff associations to make misconduct findings and outcomes more accessible to the public.”

During the period 2009-10, of the three officers suspended for assault, one resigned and two received formal advice.

One officer suspended due to off duty conduct also resigned.

For the financial year 2008-9 one officer suspended due to sexual offences resigned.

There are 12 on-going cases between the financial years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, which are exempt from disclosure.

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