Dog accidently kills itself after jumping on cooker and setting kitchen alight, destroying Manchester home

By Dean Wilkins

A dog died at a Manchester home after jumping onto a cooker and accidently turning on the hob yesterday.

The family pooch is thought to have caught its paw on the switch before a blaze engulfed the kitchen – emergency services from Whitefield and Bury Fire Stations were dispatched to the home on Borough Avenue at around 6.10pm.

The semi-detached house was seriously damaged by the fire, which had extinguished itself by the time firefighters arrived – but sadly the dog had already died.

Firefighter Stewart Cottom, from Whitefield Fire Station, said: “We began stripping away the worktops and used a Thermal Imaging Camera and other tools to check behind cupboards for any heat sources.

“We also recovered as many valuable and important items as possible such as medication to help reduce the impact of the fire on the residents. 

“We checked the dog over but unfortunately there was nothing we could do.”

Councillor David Acton, Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, said: “It’s sad that somebody has lost their pet dog and fish as a result of this fire. Not only do the occupiers now face the emotional impact of the incident but they are also left with the financial cost of the damage to their home.

“Unfortunately, strange incidents such as a dog jumping up and knocking the switches to turn a hob on do happen and despite all of our prevention work, we can’t hope to prevent all of these things from happening.

“But you can help to protect yourself by ensuring that you have a working smoke alarm and by following our simple advice.”

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