Manchester City star Mario Balotelli asked to leave Trafford Centre for hoodie disguise

By Dean Wilkins

Mario Balotelli was asked to leave Manchester’s Trafford Centre after refusing to pull down his hood yesterday.

The coy striker was visiting the shopping mall and wanted to remain unnoticed by wearing his hood up; however security were forced to ask the star to remove his disguise as part of centre policy.

Staff claimed the Manchester City striker was polite and courteous throughout the encounter which saw an Italian-speaking staff member help to bridge the language barrier.

A Trafford Centre spokesperson said: “At 21:02 GMT a customer was approached by security staff and advised that wearing a hooded top covering the head is against centre policy.

“The customer was Italian and native Italian-speaking staff were dispatched to converse with the customer.”

Balotelli shook hands with staff after preferring to leave than take his hood down.

The Trafford Centre said its customers are asked to remove hoods to allow security staff to track criminals on CCTV.

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