Mancunian Voters Left In the Dark

By Stephen Ho

VOTERS from Greater Manchester were made to wait to see the results from the polling stations due to a recount.

The constituencies of Blackley & Broughton, Manchester Central, Manchester Gorton, Manchester Withington and Wythenshaw & Sale East were predicted to be counted by 3.30am.

This was a particularly unusual occurrence as Manchester Central is usually one of the first constituencies in Manchester to announce its results.

All five constituency votes were counted in the Manchester Town Hall and Blackley & Broughton was the first vote to be announced at around 6.30am.

There were reports that over 90 extra ballot boxes were sent out to the constituencies during the day because of the extra demand.

Problems with the polling stations in Manchester Withington were reported yesterday resulting in many people being unable to vote.

Apparently over 200 voters were turned away because they did not cast their vote before 10pm, despite turning up at the polling station beforehand.

A spokesman for the returning officer for Manchester said: “The law states that the doors to polling stations must be closed at 10pm exactly, and no-one may be issued with a ballot paper after 10pm.”

There were reports from all over the country of troubles at polling stations unable to cope with the mass of people.

Hundreds of would-be voters in areas including London, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle were prevented from casting their votes because of long queues.

At the Wavertree constituency in Liverpool people were turned away when polling stations ran out of ballot tickets.

At this time the national turnout to vote stands at 65%, a 3.6% rise on last year’s turnout.

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