Female Firefighter Scoops Fitness Medals

By Natasha Carter


A female firefighter is celebrating success in a worldwide fitness contest.


Sam Briggs, who attends CrossFit Manchester, took the 1st place medal in the UK/Ireland CrossFit Games sectionals, and went on to finish in 2nd place at the European CrossFit Games making her the only UK female to qualify for this year’s CrossFit World Games.


The CrossFit World Games is a two-day competition in which the world’s fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts including a hill run, deadlift repetitions, rowing and a series of squats and snatches with a medicine ball.


Sam came in at a respectable 19th position in the World Games last week, putting her athletic success down to the global work out phenomenon, CrossFit.


The 28-year-old said: “The concept behind CrossFit is you’ll never be the strongest lifter or the faster runner, but you’ll be among the best at running and lifting.”


Weighing only 60kg, Sam can deadlift more than twice her body weight and row 2000m in just over seven minutes.


To add to long list of personal achievements, Sam took home five gold medals from the World Firefighter Games in North Korea last month.


Sam’s CrossFit coach, Simon Jones said: “Our slogan is ‘Developing Natural Ability’, everyone here can achieve a lot, they just don’t know it yet.”

“Every work out can be done by somebody, it will just be scaled at a different level,” Sam added. 

“If you cant do a pull up then you put a box underneath it and you jump, or you have an assistance band put around you until you can do pull ups without it.”

The  gym is plain and stripped back and although it doesn’t offer the bog standard rows of cross-trainers or aerobic classes, it tries to offers a community feel where everyone is pushed to the limit and the trainers actually know your name. 

Yvonne Cross, who started the gym two weeks ago, said: “I feel fitter already, the work-outs are very intense but I really enjoy the style of coaching.”

“Here there’s always people pushing you, motivating you, and you do have a laugh” said Sam.


CrossFit Central Manchester is offering three free sessions to all new starters. Visit for more info.

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