BBC’s ‘The Thick of It’ returns for an even swearier fourth series

By Andrew Bardsley

Satirical comedy ‘The Thick Of It’ returned to the screen on Saturday, and Manchester’s own Chris Addison reprised his role as Ollie Reader.

Ollie, as well as the fearsome Alastair Campbell-inspired Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi, are back after being cast into the political wilderness with the formation of a coalition government.

The former Manchester Grammar School student, perhaps better known for his regular appearances on comedy panel show Mock The Week, is still special advisor to Nicola Murray, who is rather implausibly now leader of the party.

Ed Miliband famously borrowed ‘omnishambles’ from the show to describe the recent Budget – a term which Tucker labelled Murray after learning she was claustrophobic during the last series.

Meanwhile Reader’s former colleague Glen Cullen, played by James Smith has jumped ship and is working for the fictitious Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship under Peter Mannion.

Director Armando Iannucci has stated that this will be the last run of the show, and he will now turn his attention to satirising the Mark Zuckerbergs of this world.

Many hope the final series produce the kind of situations that many in Westminster have acknowledged is so akin to politics in real life.

‘The Thick Of It’ is shown on BBC Two this Saturday at 9.45pm.

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