‘Fattest dog in the country’: Lardy 80kg Labrador tips scales at same weight of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney

By Dean Wilkins

The fattest dog in the country is being told to hit the celery and bring out the lycra shorts after tipping the scales at the same weight of Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney.

Despite having a different number of legs, a tail and luscious locks, Alfie the Labrador is as light on his feet as 12st 5lbs Rooney – making him the heaviest hound in the UK.

And the 12-year-old pooch needed four people, using towels as a sling, to lift his 80kg body onto the scales at the RSPCA’s Leybourne Animal Centre after his elderly owner kept forgetting that he had fed Alfie.

Christine Dooley, centre manager, said: “He literally could not stand up when he arrived because he was so fat.

“I have never seen a dog that fat before in my 27 years with the RSPCA, he must be Britain’s fattest pet.

“He was being fed to death, it’s amazing he was alive given his size. A healthy Labrador weighs about 30kg (4st 7lbs) so poor Alfie was carrying the weight of two Labradors and a Staffie.”

And eating for three dogs in one has taken its toll on the lardy Lab after Alfie could not even lift his legs two inches high to step into his bed – but luckily staff at the centre made a comfy bed on the floor for him to lounge on.

However a strict regime of exercise and a controlled diet has seen Alfie shift 30kg – more than half his targeted weight loss aim.

Ms Dooley added: “We have to be careful when staff take him for a walk because if he sits down and refuses to get back up we have to call in extra people to lift him up again.

“We want the weight to come off slowly to give his leg muscles a chance to build up strength and for his skin to shrink. We cannot foster him out yet because he wouldn’t be able to get him into the back of a car.

“He’s such a lovely dog and his tail never stops wagging everyone here has fallen in love with him.”

FATTEST DOG IN UK: Alfie the Labrador needs four people to help him walk

And Alfie is not the only dog to receive the luxury, yet abusive, treatment from owners after animal obesity.

The RSPCA have seen an increase in gluttonous animals walk, or roll, through their doors as owners over-reward their pets with treats and titbits.

“Alfie’s case is exceptional, I’ve never seen a dog that big before, but there are lots of dogs out there which are overweight or obese,” Ms Dooley added.

“People don’t seem to realise it’s a problem because they think they are showing their pets love by giving them treats and titbits.

“In fact in terms of causing suffering, allowing your dog to become extremely obese is just as damaging as starving it and letting it get very skinny.”

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