Leading the way in pay: Minimum wage for Manchester City Council staff set to rise 15p

By Chris Higgins

Minimum wage is set to increase – by 15 pence – for entry-level employees at Manchester City Council.

The rise will push the wage up to £7.15 and will coincide with a rise in the national minimum wage up to £6.19 an hour, to keep Manchester ahead of the curve.

And the council continue to stress the importance of acknowledging the work of all members of staff, including those who are just beginning their careers, as they strive to set an example.

Councillor Jeff Smith, Executive Member for Finance and Human Resources, said: “We recognise the contribution that lower paid workers make to the success of Manchester as a city and are determined to support them.

“If we are to be a thriving city with a decent quality of life it is essential that people are paid living wages and we want to lead by example in ensuring the lowest paid are adequately recompensed.”

The council became the first local authority in the country to introduce its own minimum wage in 2009 – coming in at £1.01 above the national minimum.

It was hoped that the increased pay would attract and retain the lower-paid, but essential, members of staff – reducing the impact of turnover times, and cost of replacing them.

The strategy paid off as annual turnover has fallen by almost half between 2008 and 2011/12.

The proposals are being discussed by the council’s personnel committee on next week but will require the approval of all members on October 10 before they are officially adopted – with payments backdated in due course.

If approved, the increased minimum wage will benefit around 1,200 staff employed in the lowest paid grade one posts.

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