Train passenger’s sickening homophobic tirade on gay Manchester couple causes YouTube outrage

By Dean Wilkins

The disgusting moment an abusive man launched into a homophobic tirade against a couple on their way to Manchester is causing outrage on YouTube.

The recording of the 56-year-old man hurling sickening abuse at the friends captures almost three minutes of footage – but the insulting began when the passengers were about to board the train at Blackpool North Station on November 4.

After taking separate carriages of the TransPennine Express train, the man continued his aggressive outburst when the pair moved to find the toilet.

He shouted: “How can your dad f***ing be proud of c***s like you? How can anyone be proud of you? Look at you?”

When the victim asked ‘Why am I a c***’ the furious man replied ‘Well you’re not f***ing normal are you?’

Shortly into the abusive attack, the train conductor walked into the carriage and attempted to intervene before the man demands that the couple are removed.

He continued: “Get these two queers off this train. I’m sat in here minding my own business when these two faggots started mithering me – you f***ing sort it out or I whack them.”

HORRIFYING RANT: Man openly attacks couple on Manchester-bound train

The man was promptly arrested after the train arrived at Manchester Piccadilly Station, but discharged with only a caution.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “Shortly before 11.50pm on Sunday November 4 officers arrested a 56-year-old man on suspicion of a public order offence following reports of a homophobic-related incident on board a train from Blackpool North to Manchester Airport.

“Following an investigation, which included obtaining witness statements and an interview of the offender, he received an official police caution for a public order offence and was released from police custody the following afternoon.”

The spokesman added: “Passengers and staff should have the right to travel without fear of violence and abuse and BTP will continue to work with train operating companies to take action against those who negatively impact on the lives of others.”

The victim said: “This man is vile, it all started at Blackpool North train station where I was kind of cuddled up to my friend Alex because it was cold and I was a little emotional.

“This man then started hurling abuse at us, that we’re not right, that our parents should be ashamed of us and that god made Adam and Eve not gays.”

The video has attracted a storm of outraged members of the public, many of whom have expressed their disgust at the man’s outburst.

One commenter, Deidre Halliwell, said: “It’s absolutely tragic that in 2012 this rubbish is still aloud to be spouted.

“I hope that idiot gets convicted for his foul homophobic attitude.”

Alan Baker added: “Sad that such ignorance and bigotry still exists, even from someone so obviously ill-educated and terrified of anyone who is in anyway different from themselves.

“This guy will never learn and his public bar ranting is typical and still finds an audience amongst a certain strata of society.”

Police and TransPennine Express are now investigating the incident.

A spokesman for the train company said: “British Transport Police dealing with this incident. It’s a criminal investigation and therefore difficult for us to comment further.

The video incident you posted is subject to a British Transport Police investigate, as such we can’t comment further other than to say we will not tolerate abusive behaviour of any sort on our services.”

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