Salford’s Kiaran ‘Psycho’ Stapleton holds vicar hostage in prison cell following failed sentence appeal

By Jeremy Culley

Salford ‘psycho’ killer Kiaran Stapleton staged a failed hostage situation from his prison cell last week, after his appeal against a life sentence was rejected.

Stapleton lured a vicar into his cell at Full Sutton prison near York – on the pretence of discussing his failed plea – before brandishing a homemade weapon.

The clergy member managed to press the panic button and a team of guards disarmed Stapleton and freed the chaplain, who escaped unharmed.

Stapleton shot and killed Indian student Anuj Bidve, 23, in a ‘motiveless’ attack on Boxing Day 2011 and told magistrates his name was ‘Psycho Stapleton’ on his first court appearance.

Despite bragging that he could fulfil his minimum jail term of 30 years ‘standing on his head’, the 21-year-old attempted to get his sentence reduced in October.

This contradicts galling boasts – contained in a written letter – that he sits in the best cell in the wing, watches Emmerdale and Coronation Street and eats chocolate.

After sentencing Stapleton in July, Mr Justice King told him that his actions were ‘truly wicked’.

He said: “It was a piece of cold-blooded controlled aggression.

“By that single act of cruelty you brought about the premature death of a bright young man who had already achieved so much and had so much to look forward to in the future.”

The case especially enraged the public when it became known Stapleton laughed and smirked while gunning down Mr Bidve and repeated the actions throughout his trial.

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