Wheelchair-bound man, 60, left stranded at Manchester Stagecoach bus depot until 3am, while driver clocks off

By Chris Higgins

A wheelchair-bound man was left stranded until 3am in a bus depot last week, after the driver clocked off without checking the bus.

A cleaner alerted police and ambulance crews after finding the 60-year-old man at Manchester Stagecoach’s Hyde Road depot in Ardwick – on a night where the mercury fell to -1C.

The man – who had been sat in the disabled bay, close to the driver’s cab – was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary in a confused state.

Stagecoach today apologised for the incident, claiming it was an ‘individual oversight’ on the part of the driver, who was meant to check the bus before the end of his shift.

“We were very concerned to hear about this case when it was brought to our attention at the time,” a Stagecoach spokesman said.

“The driver has been subject to our internal disciplinary process. He has acknowledged his mistake and has apologised for the incident.”

The bus company also pointed out their commitment to aiding their customers, especially those with disabilities, citing the £370million spent over five years on making buses more accessible.

Patrick McCann, a Spina Bifida sufferer from Northern Ireland, expressed outrage of the incident, calling the driver’s actions ‘unbelievable’.

Greater Manchester Police said there were no criminal offences at the incident which they attended, and it was treated as a medical matter.

Picture courtesy of Firing up the Quattro, with thanks.

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