Weird world: Crafty musician snares iPhone thief by pretending to be flirty woman in online dating trap

By Chris Higgins

A musician recovered his stolen iPhone by posing as a girl and seducing the thief through an online dating app he had installed.

Brooklyn punk trombonist Nadav Nirenberg, 27, lost his phone taking a cab to a gig on New Years’ Eve, but instead of returning the device to its owner, the cabbie decided to try it on with the ladies.

After sending texts and emails to himself offering a reward for the phone, Nirenberg noticed messages being sent to several girls from the OKCupid app on his phone around 6am on New Years’ day.

Reading through the swathes of sent messages, Nirenberg said: “Not only is he stealing my phone, he’s also creepy and disturbing. But it gave me an idea.”

Creating a new account on the online dating site, he set about ensnaring the lusty larcenist in a surreal sting operation later the same day.

After choosing a webcam image from Google of a Hispanic girl with a low-cut top – as that appeared to be the cabbie’s ‘type’ – Nirenberg set about flirting with…himself.

“As soon as he responded, it was pretty crazy,” Nirenberg said. “Flirting with this dude on OKCupid as a girl was weird as hell, what a creep.

“I used lots of winks and smiley faces so I would seem like a girl.”

The thief, somewhat less of a charmer, offered to meet at her house and bring over some ‘win’ for the date.

When the cabbie turned up at 7 that evening, clean-shaven holding a bottle of wine, Nirenberg confronted him with a $20 bill and a hammer.

“The hammer was in case he was insane or huge,” said Nirenberg. “I was nervous and scared but I knew it was a sad cabbie looking for love so I went for it.”

He offered the man – who turned out to be about 6-inches shorter than him – the $20 and the cabbie handed over the phone without a second thought.

He told ABC news: “The look of immediate shame on his face was priceless; homie was shook and must feel like an idiot.

“As he was walking away, I was surprised I said ‘You smell great though’.”

Picture courtesy of tychay, with thanks.

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