Brown’s Blunder Can’t Stop Rochdale MP

By Mohammed Usman

LABOUR’S Simon Danzcuk is overjoyed after making light of an on-air blunder by Gordon Brown to become MP for Rochdale.

Mr Danzcuk received 16,699 votes, 889 more than nearest rival the Liberal Democrats’ Paul Rowen.

The town received intense media coverage last week when Mr Brown called 65-year-old Gillian Duffy “a bigoted woman” after she confronted him on the economy.

 Mr Danzcuk said: “We are determined to renew opportunities for our town and become the champions for Rochdale.”

A disappointed Mr Rowen said the Liberal Democrats will be back and remains unconvinced by Labour.

He said: “This is a small setback. Rochdale has not been treated well by the Labour government for the last 13 years.

“We will see in the months to come if we get anything better.”

A former deputy headteacher, Mr Rowen was elected in 2005 after a tight battle with Labour’s Lorna Fitzsimons. He won by a majority of 442 votes.

Voter turnout in Rochdale was higher than 2005 at 58.5 per cent as opposed to 58.4 per cent, with 46,158 votes cast.

Other candidates who stood included the National Front’s Chris Jackson who received 2,236 and UKIP candidate Colin Denby who returned with 1,999 votes,

Mohammed Salim of Islam Zinda Baad received 545 votes and independent candidate John Whitehead 313.

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