Not a ‘bonus’: Greater Manchester Police receive extra £134million from gun licences and patrolling football matches

Exclusive by Dean Wilkins

More than £134million was collected in revenue by Greater Manchester Police, including policing football matches and gun licence fees, since 2006 MM can reveal.

A Freedom of Information request revealed that an average of £22.7million per year was received, with £3.5million a year spent on policing football games and special events ‘over and above the normal level’ (Section 25).

But the GMP said it was not ‘bonus’ funding despite receiving £121million from vehicle recovery fees, policing Manchester Airport and providing training for other forces.

A GMP spokesman told MM: “This income mainly relates to recharges for costs that have been incurred in providing services which GMP is legally obliged to deliver.

“Annual budgets for income and expenditure are approved by GMPA (Greater Manchester Police Authority) and are not a ‘bonus’ for redistribution.”

The GMPA refused to comment on the findings despite the GMP claiming they are responsible for revenue received.

Roger Coles, of GMP, said that the £17,288,003 collected under Section 25 of the Police Act 1996 since 2006 included European and FA Cup ties that required officers.

And last season £2,064,777 was spent paying police to patrol football matches with fixtures between Manchester City v United (both home and away) and United v Liverpool costing the most.

The budget for 2012 so far, which saw a dramatic climax to the Premier League including a city centre street parade by champions Manchester City, was £1,932,882.

The Royal visit by The Queen and Prince Philip in March was covered under ‘normal policing services’ and the GMP did not receive any extra costs for this.

Chief Superintendent John O’Hare said: “GMP strive to provide the best and safest possible way for members of the public to enjoy events across the city, therefore we must continue to police to a high standard.

“The money gained from the Queen’s visit is not GMP’s to redistribute, it is not our responsibility to decide how much is given to the service.”

Gun licences, which cost £50, earned GMP £591,975 in the past six years alone, but Chief Superintendent O’Hare said there is no financial benefit to providing gun licences.

Training courses provided by the GMP for other forces and public bodies saw £12,588,980 collected since 2006, as trading income reached more than £1million in April this year.

The GMP’s assistance to other UK forces through Mutual Aid added to the £102,587,280 earned by them.

This included providing assistance to other police forces where necessary as well as providing relevant training courses.

The full table of revenue received is below:


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