Balls proposal causes panic among head teachers

by Francesca Librae

THOUSANDS of head teachers across the UK are facing major
job losses in a controversial new savings plan put forward by Schools Secretary Ed Balls.

The plan was announced after recent Treasury Figures were slammed in
Parliament sparking major concern over curbed spending and funding

“We want more schools to get together in ‘federations’ that share a
single head teacher, while assistant heads run individual schools,”
said Balls.

Headmaster of Egerton Park College in Denton, Mick Ironmonger, said:
“If these drastic changes are implemented solely for financial gain,
then they pose no advantage to the education system whatsoever.”

He added that in his experience his students like to know their
headmaster, to say hello in a corridor or a smile at assembly.

“A visible presence is invaluable; they are missing with people’s lives.”

An estimated 3,000 jobs could be axed if the plan takes effect, saving
£250 million a year. This is also set to follow a new low in the next
3-year pay deal, which sparked pay strikes last year at a dismal

General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders,
John Dunford, said “it would be disastrous if this policy was pursued
by the government”, and accused Mr Balls of “manifestly false” claims
about the role.

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