High Court judge set to rule on keeping alive Manchester Muslim man in ‘vegetative state’

By Dean Wilkins

The decision whether or not to keep a devout Manchester Muslim man in a vegetative state alive will be announced by a High Court judge today.

The family of the 55-year-old father – known simply as ‘Mr L’ – have been battling against medical staff to ensure the man’s life is prolonged by as long as possible, doctors want to withhold treatment.

And Mr Justice Moylan is set to announce if the severely brain damaged man’s life will be taken care of by the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mr L suffered a cardiac arrest in July and was left with severe brain damage – doctors said he had no ‘meaningful quality of life’ and that they were minimal signs of improving neurological function.

But his family have shown the court video footages of Mr L in a ‘conscious state’ – they filmed him grimacing when he was being cleaned by staff.

His family insist that his condition is improving as he shows an increase in awareness of his environment and is able to respond to family members – he also goes quiet when listening to Koran readings.

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