‘Put more bobbies on the beat’: Lib Dem Manchester Commissioner candidate pledges to increase police presence

By John Paul Shammas

An apprenticeship scheme to put more officers on the beat while tackling unemployment is being backed by Lib Dems Manchester Police Commissioner candidate.

Matt Gallagher believes the scheme would help apprentices develop valuable skills that would benefit them not only as a potential police officer, but also make them attractive to any employer.

Mr Gallagher, who has served as a Greater Manchester Police officer for 30 years, and is the only candidate in November’s inaugural Crime Commissioner election who has served as an officer, wants people to spend more time patrolling the street.

“My plan will increase police visibility because recruits will spend less time in the classroom and more time on the beat,” he said.

“Currently it takes 43 weeks training before a new recruit can walk the beat on their own.

“A police apprenticeship scheme would increase police visibility and lend more support to the fight against crime by allowing recruits to complete the bulk of their training before they join.”

And the potential Police Commissioner believes that there is more to the scheme, saying that his apprenticeships could even tackle youth unemployment.

“My apprenticeship scheme would help apprentices develop valuable skills that will help them succeed in their career with the Police or any other employer,” he added.  

“Too many young people are struggling to find work at the moment and the police should play their part in tackling unemployment.”

Labour’s Tony Lloyd MP and Conservative candidate Michael Winstanley will compete alongside Matt Gallagher in the race and the election will take place on November 15.

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