Conman who tricked Openshaw pensioner out of home and benefitted from £300,000 ordered to repay money

By Dean Wilkins

A cruel conman who made almost £300,000 from his criminality, including swindling thousands from an Openshaw pensioner, saw over £230,000 seized by HMRC yesterday.

Brian Tomney, 30, of Keston, Kent, was jailed for four years in November 2011 for money laundering by converting criminal property and fraud by false representation.

The court confiscated £121,541.98 and police seized £110,720 from a cash deposit box after Tomney had tricked an 80-year-old woman into selling her £65,000 home for £17,000.

Financial Investigator, Keith Graham, said: “Tomney thought nothing of deliberately and maliciously taking advantage of a vulnerable, elderly woman.

“We discovered a vast amount of cash that he had stashed away; cash that we believe had been made from criminal endeavours.

“The court has agreed with is and has ruled that Tomney will not get that money back.

Mr Graham said that those who benefit from crime will be criminally investigated and any assets they gain through illegal enterprises will be taken from them.

Tomney has 56 days to pay the rest of the money or serve a further two years in prison and still be still liable for the order.

The court also heard that Tomney signed a consent order to return the property to the elderly victim.

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