Shops bring shutters down early for ‘safety reasons’ as riots remain only rumours

By Charlotte Duncker & Will De Nardo

Riot fears are prompting Manchester shops to close early.

Some shopkeepers on Market Street have made the decision for ‘safety reasons’. A handwritten sign in the window of the mobile phone shop 3 read: “We are closing early for safety reasons. Be safe.”

Other mobile phone shops already have their shutters half way down and there is a strong staff presence near the doors of the shops.

However, Greater Manchester Police remain insistent that they are not telling any shops to close. Only minutes ago they tweeted: “Lots of rumours about businesses being advised to close by GMP. This is not true. No businesses told to close.”

We have reports coming in  that all of the Pizza Express restaurants in the city centre will close this evening as a preventative measure.

Despite the large police presence in Piccadilly Gardens and up and down Market Street there are no signs of disturbance or trouble.

A police helicopter has also been reported over the Salford area.

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