Fumble Friday tells Manchester men to check for lumps regularly, while Movember moustaches abound

By Oliver Pritchard

Fumble Friday today urged Manchester’s men to examine their testicles for any lumps and told them to seek medical advice if they found anything.

Craig Harris, Executive Nurse at Manchester Clinic Commissioning Group, said raising awareness about the disease was essential to reducing the number of deaths it causes.

Mr Harris added that testicular cancer was still an embarrassing subject for many people and Fumble Friday would encourage people to check for lumps that they might not otherwise notice.

He said: “The best time to check is when you come out the bath or shower because you’ll be nice and relaxed.

“Even if there is a lump it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cancerous.

“A GP will be able to tell in seconds (if it’s dangerous), which is why it’s so important check regularly and seek help if you find anything.”

Fumble Friday is part of Movember, launched in 2004, which encourages men to grow moustaches to raise awareness about testicular cancer.

Mr Harris told MM the campaign had become so big that people now automatically associate anyone with a moustache with the campaigning allowing people to talk about it more easily.

He said: “It’s a really visual symbol [a moustache] and it’s becoming more and more popular every year.

“This year I’m doing it, my partners doing it, even my hairdressers doing it, last year none of them took part in the campaign.”

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer of men aged 15-49 in the UK and its prevalence has more than doubled in since the mid-1970s.

However, since the introduction of chemotherapy treatment in the 1970s, survival rates for testicular cancer have risen every year, to currently top 95% of sufferers surviving for at least 10 years.

Mr Harris is personally taking part in Movember and posted weekly photos of the results on his blog.

Anyone with any symptoms should contact their GP immediately.

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