Tax payers slapped with £2.5million bill: Greater Manchester is fly-tipping hotbed with 40,000 dumping incidents per year

By Robbie Gill

Fly-tipping is rife in Greater Manchester, registering 40,000 incidents in just one year – nearly 18,000 above the national average.

Manchester is the third worst area in the country for incidents and the clean-up operation costs Manchester City Council tax payers over £1.5million.

All ten boroughs registered nearly 40,000 incidents last year – costing over £2.5million to clean up the discarded goods.

Cllr Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhood services, said: “Fly tipping is a serious anti-social act which blights neighbourhoods.

“There is no excuse for anyone to do this in Manchester – or anywhere else.”

Six of the ten boroughs were above the national average of 2,283 incidents with only Bury, Trafford, Tameside and Oldham falling below this level.

Highways were the most common location for fly-tipping, with more than 7,000 incidents taking place in Manchester alone –6000 higher than the national average.

Manchester was also almost ten times the national average for incidents on footpaths, while Bolton and Stockport were just over double with 586 and 538 incidents respectively.

All ten boroughs were above the national average of 319 for back alley incidents, Manchester had 5,712 — the third highest nationally — followed by Wigan, Bolton and Salford.

Mr Priest said: “Like all large cities, we have experienced problems with fly tipping but as these figures show, we are serious about cracking down on this.

“We investigate complaints that are made to us by residents and wherever possible we prosecute businesses and individuals who commit this crime.”

Manchester, Stockport, Wigan and Bolton also rank well above the national average for incidents of white goods, tyres, electrical goods and asbestos.

Rochdale, Tameside and Manchester are above the national average for single black bag incidents with Manchester three times higher with over 700 incidents – costing over £8,000 to clear up.

Only Bury, Trafford, Tameside and Oldham fall below the national average of 241 for incidents requiring a Transit van to clear.

Bolton and Rochdale are particular hotspots with 870 and 851 incidents respectively costing over £200,000 to remove.

Manchester’s 3,963 makes it the second worst area in the country for such incidents – costing over £450,000.

Despite having the highest incident rate, Manchester ranks third in total actions with just over 3,000, Tameside takes the most action with over 5,000.

Tameside’s Executive Member for Environmental Services Cllr Catherine Piddington said: “Fly tipping is illegal and dangerous, it can ruin the appearance of an area and bring down the neighbourhood.

“Investigating incidents of fly-tipping and removing the rubbish also comes at great expense to the local tax payers’ pocket.”

Incidents requiring a tipper lorry to remove have also been on the increase.

Every borough apart from Wigan, Rochdale, Oldham and Tameside is well above the average of 34 incidents.

Manchester alone had 829 incidents which was the most tipper lorry incidents in the country — costing nearly £300,000.

Ms Piddington said: “I urge people to come forward and report incidents of fly-tipping and any information they have on the suspected offenders so that we may investigate further as well as remove the waste.”

Picture courtesy of mrseds, with thanks

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