City’s streets sing for Libyan strength

By Alex Johnston

In a show of support, hundreds of Mancunians have taken to the streets to demand the freedom of the Libyan people.

Crowds chanted and sang in this latest demonstration on Oxford Road on Monday evening, asking relatives to stay strong and the rebel forces to stand firm.

The old Libyan flag was flying, a symbolic icon of the despair people feel at the forty-two year rule of Muammar al-Gaddafi.

There is a fear among the protestors in Manchester that further violence is not being prevented.  Baydaia Nasralla, from Sale, said: “People’s safety is at risk, especially the Libyan people.”

It appears likely that the U.N will have to intervene in the crisis, as the escalating violence is leading to more innocent deaths.

However, some protesters were waving posters asking for David Cameron and the West to stay out of Libyan politics, showing the difference in opinion across the city.

Another protestor, Muhamad Sabah, said: “I don’t know why so many people are shouting against Cameron. I’m just here to support my country.”

Many passers-by in this student area joined in and voiced their support throughout the evening.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Secretary William Hague has tried to move his office on from the failed SAS mission to the country.

“We continue to be appalled by the levels of violence in Libya,” Mr Hague said. “We’ll be working for the European Council meeting to step up pressure on the regime.”

The protestors vow that peaceful demonstrations will continue until the Libyan conflict is resolved.

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Photograph copyright of DJLeekee

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