Madeleine McCann’s mum to launch Manchester campaign to help missing person search

By Dean Wilkins

Madeleine McCann’s mother is launching a missing person campaign in Manchester to help the search to locate individuals’ whereabouts.

A nationwide network of billboards will help to reach out to 10million members of the public who may have seen or heard from missing people.

Appeals will be in London, Birmingham and Glasgow running across rail and underground networks, on high streets and in shopping centres.

Kate McCann, a new ambassador for the charity Missing People, said: “When your child goes missing you want the whole world to stop and join the search.

“More than 250,000 people are reported missing each year in the UK – worryingly they could fill the Olympic Stadium three times over.

“Thankfully, campaigns like this can play a vital part in the search. In May, two youngsters featured in the charity’s ‘Big Tweet for Missing Children’ were found safely.

“The search for Madeleine continues and I am delighted to lend my support as an ambassador to this practical solution that gives hope to families like mine.”

The posters will feature details of missing people to create awareness of the new number to call for sightings (116 000) and utilising the public’s help to join the search.

The £1 million campaign will take place as the country is at its busiest during the summer Olympics.

More than 120,000 people joined a Facebook group to help search and create awareness for missing Stone Roses fan Chris Brahney.

The 22-year-old was tragically found dead in the Manchester Ship Canal, yesterday.

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