The ‘best small club night’ hits Manchester, with a long-awaited DJ debut

By Alexandra Moerschner

Sought-after Berlin DJ, Falko Brocksieper, finally made his Manchester debut last night at what was voted DJ Mag’s ‘best small club night’, Micron.

The intimacy allowed by the club, Joshua Brooks, is the perfect setting for intrigued music lovers to get to know the producer and DJ.

After a long awaited appearance, the Micron DJ’s moved aside and the successfully warmed-up crowd gave a huge applause.

Known for his individuality as an innovative minimal-techno DJ, Brocksieper didn’t disappoint.

Promoter and DJ for Micron, Gareth Chubb, said: “I’m really happy with the reception tonight as I’m a huge fan of Falkos and I hope he comes back to play for us again!”

After a playful yet highly technical set, Brocksieper thanked the crowd for the amazing reception.

When asked what he thought of Manchester he explained: “I love that in every city, big or small, you find an overwhelming love for electronic music.”

His underground, German techno sound went down well with the Micron crowd.

Student and Micron fan, Paul Malton, said: “I’m really glad he decided to come and play Manchester.

“It just means you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to hear good music!”

His first ever vinyl record was released in 2001 on Sub Static label, which he founded with good friend Mia Grobelny, another well-loved Berlin producer-DJ.

At this point the label had made quite a name for itself in its home of Cologne.

He has been involved in electronic music since the early 90s, and the first real break came in 2003 when he released his highly successful debut album Hoax Deluxe.

Following this Brocksieper moved to Berlin where he put himself on the map as a flourishing musician with a growing fan base.

After the release of his second album, Heavy Day, in 2008, he enjoyed a tour of the world showing his skills as a DJ and a live artist.

He continues to live up to the great expectation of a winning delivery.

The next Micron event will debut at Lola’s Boutique in London this Friday.

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