Transport Secretary adamant ‘grief and hassle’ will not deter government from Manchester to London HS2 rail line

By Dean Wilkins

‘Grief and hassle’ from campaigners is not enough to deter the government from going ahead with their high speed rail line between Manchester and London.

The HS2 line, which will also connect Birmingham and Leeds, will be pushed forward by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin and the party want cross-party support from Labour.

The coalition also intend to include legislation in the next Queen’s Speech and be taken through Parliament before the next general election in three years.

“The easiest thing for any government to do on a project the size of HS2 is to say we are not doing it,” McLoughlin told The Independent.

“All we get is grief. All we get is hassle. But one of the things that government have got to try and do is look to the long term future.

“Whichever route we are going to put it on we are going to upset people.”

McLoughlin claimed he is aiming to have the project completed in five years and also hopes to extend it into Scotland.

And despite some opposition from Conservative backbenchers, the project has the support of the Prime Minister and Chancellor.

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