World famous Manchester tattoo artist launches healing cream to stop art aftercare being an afterthought

By Sophie Arnold

A world famous tattoo artist from Manchester – responsible for David Beckham’s guardian angel – is launching a unique healing cream to stop tattoo aftercare being an afterthought.

Louis Molloy’s brainchild, Forever Ink Balm and Forever Ink Shield, will be stocked in selected Boots stores across Britain from January.

He joined forces with Forest Laboratories to create a cream that they hope will improve the quality of aftercare available for tattoos.

He said: “To all intensive purposes a tattoo is a wound and the healing process is really important.”

Tattoo aftercare is still an afterthought for many and Louis is attempting to revolutionise attitudes and raise awareness of the importance of an aftercare programme.

He said: “There are products out there sold as healing creams but most are just off the shelf moisturisers.”

A website dedicated to informing clients on the best tattoo aftercare has also been established, with videos showing the process in full.

The team have also developed a free iPhone app which sends daily text messages reminding clients when to wash their tattoo and apply the cream.

The app also recognises users’ locations and will send weather specific messages advising them if they should put Sun cream on their tattoo.

Keeping UV rays away from tattoos is essential – even for a fully healed tattoo – as they age them more quickly and cause fading.

Louis said: “It is important to me that every piece of work is looked after as it as an advertisement of my name.”

Most tattoo artists advise their customers to apply nappy rash cream to aid the healing process but this is not ideal.

Louis explains: “It wasn’t developed for tattoos and some people would get reactions to the main ingredient in the cream.”

Both of Louis’ creams have undergone independent clinical trials and produced the results that were expected.

Louis set up the Middleton Tattoo Studio in 1981 and for anyone thinking of getting inked by him, he has a year-long waiting list.

The star of London ink, Louis has twice won the coveted Outstanding Artist UK award and has inked many celebrities, including David Beckham’s ‘Guardian Angel’.

Even so, he says his favourite person to have inked is Anne Kirkbride, aka Deirdre Barlow in Coronation Street.

He said: “She is one of the most recognisable faces in the world and a Mancunian institution.”

The creams are both currently available from and

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