What a mare! Fire crews rescue stranded horse from Wigan river as floods cause animal havoc

By Dean Wilkins

A stranded horse was rescued by firefighters after falling into a heavily flooded Wigan river yesterday.

The 16-year-old mare named Holly was saved from the water as specialist crews were called to Martland Mill Lane at 10.30am.

Emergency crews endeavoured to save the stranded animal as the RSPCA joined a water rescue team in pulling her out using four ropes.

Station Manager Ben Levy said: “It took three hours in total to rescue Molly from the 5ft river. It was quite deep because the river was flooded due to the heavy rain we’ve had recently.

“We used inflated fire hose to create a barrier to guide Molly to a safe area before getting strops round her.

“The rescue was difficult not only due to flooded river but also because of the very steep and muddy banks – but she came out and is safe and well thanks to the efforts of our crews and the RSPCA.”

SAVED: Firefighters reign in on stranded mare in Wigan river

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