‘Get a taste of being sold’, claims record-breaking new Manchester movie

By Natasha David-Hilton

A record-breaking independent Manchester movie had it’s first screening at Didsbury Cineworld this weekend.

‘Get as taste of being sold’ is the strap line of Being Sold, one of the fastest films ever shot, which took just two days to film the full 87 minutes.

It was shown on the big screen for the first time on the momentous 10/10/10 at 10am, at a cast, crew, and press screening.

The official premiere is due to take place in London in two weeks.

Phil Hawkins, the director of Being Sold, explained that to make a film that is laugh-out-loud funny is a very hard thing to do.

He said it’s always a nerve wracking experience when the film is shown to an audience for the first time, and that you can only hope that the audience respond in the way that the film is designed for them to.

 He said: “To hear fits of laughter coming from the audience at the screening was a brilliant thrill and also a massive relief.”

 Being Sold is a comedy drama, in which John Foster, a loyal husband, devoted father and loving son, puts himself up for sale on an internet auction site.

The film boasts a comical and accomplished cast including; Christopher Dane, Lee Boardman, Eva Pope, Jessica Blake, Lesley Joseph, Chris Hannon, and Justin Moorhouse.

Mr Hawkins said he came up with the idea about five years ago, after witnessing real life experiences of people selling odd things on the internet such as their souls, virginity, and even their grandma’s.

He added: “Although I know it’s not possible to sell a person on an online auction, the idea of the film came from the ‘what if’?“

The film is also said to be a comment on today’s society, of what constitutes news and entertainment and what people will do for their 15 minutes of fame.

Being Sold had a small budget of £20,000 with many of its staff taking a deferred payment scheme in order to help the film succeed.  A percentage of the profits from the film will be donated to Amnesty International.

It was filmed in South Manchester, and the 70-strong Manchester-crew went round Cheadle knocking on doors, to see if people would let their homes be used as part of the set.

Sue Keane, Marketing Manager, explained: “We had to quickly find homes which we could film over the two days in. Luckily members of the crew knew people in the area who were willing to help.”

Being Sold will be out nationally on November 12 in Cineworld Cinemas.

There are hundreds of independent films made in the UK every year, but only a small percentage makes it to the screen.

Beth Robins, a Cineworld Spokeswomen, emphasised the company’s passion for supporting independent cinema.

She explained: “We recognise the importance of supporting independent film makers and showcasing up and coming talent wherever possible.”

Luckily Being Sold is one of that small percentage of independents that is being noticed and will reach an audience.

Donna Hindley, 24, who attended the Manchester screening, described the film as: “Funny but strangely moving – the last ten minutes were excellent, real tension and excitement!”

After appearing across Cineworld cinemas, Being Sold will be available for download from

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