Can’t trust them: TUSC candidate for Manchester Central by-election attacks Labour’s stance on rail network

By John Paul Shammas

The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition candidate has riled against Labour’s broken promises ahead of the Manchester Central by-election next month.

Alex Davidson, who is standing on a radical leftist platform, attacked Ed Miliband on recent comments made by the Labour leader regarding the renationalisaton of the rail network.

Miliband, speaking at The Manchester East Academy two weeks ago in Labour’s conference opener, said that he was ‘open minded’ about the possibility of renationalising the railway, and that he was not going to be ‘dogmatic’ about the issue.

However, the TUSC candidate does not believe voters can trust Labour’s track record on the issue.

He told MM: “Labour’s record on public transport is very dogmatic. For 13 years they stuck rigidly with privatisation having previously committed to reversing it.”

The TUSC platform which Mr Davidson will be representing in November’s Manchester Central by-election are staunchly pro-renationalisation, believing that it would lead to lower ticket prices and an expansion of the economy alongside environmental benefits.

He said: “By fully renationalising the railways we could reduce ticket prices for the traveling public as the reason why they have increased so much is to preserve the profits of the shareholders.

“By renationalising all privatised assets such as train manufacturing we could also use planned state investment to create skilled jobs in train building and repairs. This would have major benefits to the environment, and to job creation throughout the supply chain.”

The November by-election for Manchester Central takes place on November 15.

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