Weird world picture special: There’s no place like home – Colombian couple live in sewer with dog for 22 years

By James Scott

A Colombian husband and wife who have spent the last 22 years living in an underground sewer claim they live ‘better than the president’.

Miguel Restrepo, a former drug addict, lives with his wife Maria Garcia and their faithful pooch, Blackie, in a small sewer in the heart of Medellin.

The couple claim they have everything they need in their abode; beds, a stove, a fan and even a television set, after Mr Restrepo, 62, fitted their home with electricity.

Despite living in a place most commonly associated with housing vermin, it is home sweet home for Mr Restrepo, who wouldn’t change his living situation for the world.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME: Mr Resptrepo asleep in the sewer

“I would not trade this for a house,” Mr Restrepo told ATP. “We live in an apartment. For me this is an apartment.

“I live better than the president [of Colombia]. He has lots of problems and I don’t have any.”

Medellin – Columbia’s second largest city with a 2.7 million population – was infamous for spates of drug trafficking and violence in the eighties, and poverty levels remain high.

EVERYTHING THEY NEED: Blackie the dog, and Mr Restrepo with metal covering

By living in a publicly-owned property, Mr Restrepo and his wife run the constant risk of being turfed out of their home by the Columbian government.

However the pair are not easily detected, as they cover up the hole at night with wooden planks, and are happy to take the risk to keep their special home.

With Christmas on the way, the couple have decorated their home with a Santa Claus model and a tree marks their entrance.

Images courtesy of BBC News video, with thanks.

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