No excuses: Stockport Council offer 12-month payment plan system to tackle tax avoiders and late payers

By John Paul Shammas

Stockport Council is offering council tax payers the opportunity to spread their payments in 12 monthly installments.

The move comes after MM exclusively revealed last month that only one in ten Stockport residents payed the council tax on time in 2012.

If residents wish to pay their council tax over 12 months they need to send their request to Stockport Council before March 1.

This will allow the council to include this arrangement on the annual bill for the financial year April 2013/March 2014.

The Leader of Stockport Council, Councillor Sue Derbyshire, said: “Giving Council Tax payers the option of spreading their bill over 12 installments as opposed to 10 will be a real help to some people when it comes to managing their finances.”

There are approximately 126,000 residences in Stockport that are subject to payment of council tax, and MM revealed last month that in 2012, 9.27% did not pay up.

Stockport Council announced plans to increase council tax by 2.5% in December in a bid to ensure £15million in savings.

Residents wishing to move to the 12 month installments should contact the Council Tax section on 0161 217 6014.

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