Weird World: Man addicted to drinking blood could be world’s first real-life ‘vampire’, say Turkish doctors

By Matt Simpson

A man ‘addicted’ to drinking his own blood and that of others has doctors in Turkey believing they may have found the world’s first real-life vampire.

In a report released by the Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, the 23-year-old’s two-year-long habit was described as ‘urgent as breathing’.

The man, unnamed in the report, was said to have started cutting his own arms and chest with razor blades and drinking the blood, before moving onto others.

He was arrested several times for stabbing and biting people to drink their blood and even got his father to make withdrawals at a blood bank.

Doctors, who diagnosed the man as having multiple personalities, have attempted to explain his behaviour as post-traumatic stress brought on by witnessing violent acts in his life.

According to the report, the traumatic events in the man’s life include the illness and death of his 4-month-old daughter and witnessing the murder of his uncle.

It also states the man repeatedly talks to himself and was witness to another violent killing, in which one of his friends cut off the victim’s head and penis.

Led by Direnc Sakarya of Denizli Military Hospital in southwest Turkey, doctors caring for the man consider this is the first reported case of vampirism.

Picture courtesy of kmsYES, with thanks.

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