North West conmen who dressed as sheikhs to steal £1.5million jailed after police sting operation

By Dean Wilkins

Two North West conmen who pretended to be sheikhs to trick a finance company out of £1.5million were jailed for two-and-a-half years each today.

Shane Martin, 51, from Cheshire, and Ahmed Ali, 47, from Manchester, were sentenced at the Old Bailey after admitting to fraud.

They used two fake sheikhs to pose as wealthy Arab brothers Malthoum and Said Mebjar and hijacked a £6 million London property to secure the loan.

Detective Constable Lizzie Roberts, from City of London Police, said: “The gang used forged documents, a fake property valuation and dressed as sheikhs to try and disguise their true intentions, which was to commit a major fraud. But none of this was enough to overcome sound business practices and an investigation team ready to act quickly.”

A sting operation was arranged with undercover officers at a West End hotel after the business’ managing director became suspicious and informed police.

The fraudsters were arrested dressed as sheikhs shortly after arriving at the location.

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