The Summer Sizzler outdoor fitness course to hit Manchester

By Hannah Gradwell

A bikini body may only be a month away with the start of a new outdoor course in Manchester next week.

The Summer Sizzler, designed by Pure Gym personal trainer Andria Kazelas and opening on July 19th, aims to help women with a basic level of fitness achieve personal fitness and weight-loss goals.

The four-week course will run every Tuesday evening from 6.15pm, and will include running, skipping, shuttle runs and leg and core work.

“I really believe in the process of personal training,” said Andria. “And I also believe in a healthy lifestyle.”

She continued: “But not everyone can afford on-going personal training and it’s through my own clients asking me to put on a class that I thought, yeah, it’s a great idea to do something that is affordable and accessible for all women to do.”

The course will cost £35, and Andria expects participants to lose anything between 4-10lbs, if they do the class along with a healthy eating regime, and further exercise in their own time.

Although personal training is more specific for the individual, Andria believes a class can still bring results, while giving women the motivation and support to begin an exercise regime.

“And it’s really all about making exercise fun,” she said. “So hopefully it will be a fun class with everyone having a common goal and supporting each other.”

To join up, or for more information, contact Andria on 07886 356 940, or email [email protected]

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