‘Make the bankers pay’ says Trade Union candidate set to stand in Manchester Central by-election

By John Paul Shammas

‘Make the bankers pay’ is the rallying cry of a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate set to run in the Manchester Central by-election.

Alex Davidson, who lives and works within the constituency, has been nominated by TUSC to challenge in the November by-election for Manchester Central.

His proposes radical resistance to the ‘baleful effects’ of the coalition alongside the previous Labour government, seeking to run on a anti-austerity platform.

Davidson said: “At the Central Manchester hospitals, we can see the effects of [the governments] plans to privatise our National Health Service, mired in debt by New Labour’s pro-market PFI schemes.

“The main parties all agree that cuts and privatisation are the medicine which millions of ordinary people must swallow in order to cure the bankers’ recession. We disagree. We say – make the bankers pay, not our public services, jobs and working conditions.”

The by-election will be held on Thursday November 15.

The Manchester Central seat has been held by Labour’s Tony Lloyd since 1997. Lloyd will be vacating his seat to compete in the landmark Police and Crime Commissioner election, also to be held this November.

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