Manure night-mare: Pony trapped up to neck in 4ft deep chicken poo dragged to safety by Manchester firefighters

By Dean Wilkins

A distressed pony who accidently became stuck in 4ft of chicken manure is recovering after being rescued by Manchester firefighters.

The miniature steed was lodged in the dirt up to its neck after riding with her 20-year-old owner on farmland near Isherwood Road, Carrington on Saturday.

And after calling for help, specialist water incident and animal rescue crews were dispatched to save the pony and woman.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fir and Rescue Service said: “At 3:40 pm fire crews were called to the report of a girl and pony stuck in mud on farmland off Isherwood Road, Carrington.

“Two crews, from Sale and Stretford, were sent to the incident supported by the specialist water incident and animal rescue crews from Eccles.

“When they arrived the crews were confronted by a pony and rider, a young woman, stuck in a large pile of chicken manure which was approximately 4ft deep, up to the pony’s shoulders.”

The crews used an inflatable path to safely rescue the woman from the pony’s back, and while firefighters reassured and calmed the pony a track was dug through the manure pile using an excavator from a nearby farm.

Once the track was complete firefighters led the pony to safety – both rider and pony did not suffer any ill effects after the experience.

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