Slice of Manchester history: Guitar signed by Oasis and Stone Roses makes almost £7K in charity auction

By Matt Davies

A slice of Manchester’s music history sold for almost £7,000 in a charity eBay auction last night.

Oasis’ Gallagher brothers, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Johnny Marr and The Courteeners are among the stars who signed an acoustic guitar that made £6,600.

All proceeds from the Madchester Guitar auction are to be donated to chART, Children’s Hospice Arts, a charity which specialises in raising money for seriously ill children in hospices across the UK.

Using the donations they buy musical instruments for hospices in a bid to enlighten the lives of those children and their relatives.

A total of 39 bids were placed during the period when the guitar was up for sale, with the winning bid for the acoustic six-string guitar placed several hours before the completion of the auction.

Adam Masters, co-owner of South City Music in Altrincham, is also a patron of chART and it was his idea to create and auction the signed guitar following the death of a friend’s young daughter.

“I was working at PMT [Professional Music Technology] Manchester and I heard some news that changed my outlook on everything,” he said.

“A friend, colleague and legend of the Manchester music scene and his wife, lost a beloved daughter at the age of one – my daughter was the same age at the time and I was floored by emotion.

“Sadness, anger, confusion – how could this happen to someone so young?

“But most of all it made me for the first time really want to make a difference.”

He remembered how another signed guitar owned by Bryan Adams had sold for several million pounds and decided to try the idea out for himself.

“I thought that Manchester’s musical heritage is as big as it gets and this seemed the perfect opportunity to use the friends and connections I had made over the years to help raise money for seriously sick children,” he added.

“With the donations they buy musical instruments for the hospices, a small gesture that makes a huge difference for the kids and their families.

“Every artist who has signed it loved the idea and was happy to be involved in the project and have since been amazing in trying to help spread the word.”

Francis house, Manchester and Claire house, Liverpool are two of the main benefactors from the auction with a third recipient of donations yet to be announced.

“Music is everything to a lot of us, the soundtrack to life,” said Adam. “A few of us have been lucky enough to have made careers working around it and be part of some amazing moments, but it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

“However because of our chosen path things like this become possible and it was as simple as that – I was not going to stop until that guitar had the biggest names ever to come out of Manchester on it.”

Elbow was the first band to sign the project, which started with a white acoustic guitar back in 2010.

Since many other stars of the music industry joined the campaign to raise funds, including a host of artists and bands from across Northern England.

ChART has connections in music and works with musicians as well as auctioning rock and roll memorabilia which is donated to them.

Using these donations the charity buys instruments, and donates them to hospices caring for seriously ill children and young people with life limiting conditions.

“This is just one aspect of chART, they work to enrich the lives of children and young people in hospices through the performing, creative and literary arts,” explained Adam.

“I am a patron of chART and I’m very proud of that.”

For more information about chART and the work they do visit

Photos courtesy to Adam masters, with thanks.

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