Weird World: Fastest milkmum in the west – Breast mum wins booby prize for becoming world’s top teat

By Alex Bysouth

An overly-giving mum has flooded her way to a Guinness World Record by donating nearly 87 gallons of breast milk.

Alicia Richman started donating to the Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas when she realised she was producing far too much milk for new-born son Drake, and eventually gave just under 400 litres of milk.

The resourceful mum found herself pumping throughout the day for 18-months after Drake’s birth in March 2011 and eventually ran out of storage space in her freezer.

“I was so blessed to have more milk than I needed,” she said. “I pumped at work, on vacations, in the car. And I never had to buy formula.

“I feel like God blessed me with plenty of milk and I need to do something special with it.”

Mrs Richman shattered the previous record by more than 23 gallons, but the real prize was donating milk to premature or critically ill babies whose mothers could not produce themselves.

Amy Vickers, executive director of The Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas said Mrs Richman’s gift had helped thousands of premature babies across the United States.

“We know that she’s changed lives all over Texas and beyond, and we are proud to see her earn this recognition from Guinness World Records,” she told

The 86.8 gallons Mrs Richman produced won her the ‘Most Breast Milk Donated Golden Teat’ and since then she has been milking the plaudits of other envious mums.

Texas mum, Sam Arkin told “She is awesome but I must admit I am slightly jealous.

“I have very well-calibrated boobs and produce exactly as much as my baby needs, no more, no less.”

And Mrs Richman is not finished yet, she is already eyeing surpassing her record with the birth of her second child.

“I’m planning to beat my own record when we have a second baby,” she admitted.

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