Celebrity hairdresser launches revolutionary ‘cosmetic tattooing’ hair treatment clinic in Manchester

By Jimmy Booker

Celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan opened the first North West specialist Micro Hair Technique clinic in Manchester on Thursday.

Adee, who has tended to the hair of numerous celebrities, including former Manchester United favourite David Beckham, members of the England football team and Piers Morgan, was present at the launch of the HIS HAIR clinic on Oxford Street.

HIS HAIR is a revolutionary form of cosmetic tattooing, which gives people who are naturally bald the illusion of sporting a buzz cut hairstyle.

Adee said:  “I read about it, went online, went down to see them and check it out, and loved it. What they’re doing is unique, and it’s effective, it’s cost effective and it looks good.

“The great thing about this product is that it looks natural and isn’t too intense, whereas a lot of the transplants and the plugs can look very false, and you have the stresses and costs of surgery.

“There are other treatments out there, but if you take into account the price and the way it looks, it’s a winner.”

The HIS HAIR clinic, on Oxford Street, is the fourth clinic to open in the UK. Founders Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson already have two clinics in Birmingham and one in London, as well as premises in New York and Los Angeles.

Ian and Ranbir developed the idea for Micro Hair Technique after Ian developed alopecia, following the death of his brother, who was Ranbir’s husband, from cancer.

Ian said: “Literally I tried all over the world and nobody was doing this type of treatment. Nobody was prepared to even have a go at my head. They had seen something like it done before and it looked awful.

“The alopecia took over my life. I wanted to fix it, and when I did, I managed to get on with my life.”

A standard treatment consists of up to three separate sessions, costing no more than £3,000 in total, a fraction of what some hair transplants or wig maintenance costs.

Adee has personally undergone the treatment, and is more than happy with the results.

He said: “Because I was behind it, I thought I’d better have it done, and I’m glad I did. I’m delighted with the look.

“I’ve had hair companies for years trying to get me to promote products, but I just think this is cool, and I’m happy to put my name to it.

HIS HAIR looks set to conquer America as well as the UK. As well as clinics in New York and Los Angeles, contracts have been signed for premises in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco, and similar deals are on the cards for Miami and Houston.

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