Salford nursery wins pioneering healthy eating award after transforming salt-filled meals

By Glen Keogh

A Salford nursery has won a healthy eating award after transforming meals which previously contained up to five times the recommended amount of salt.

Little Hulton Children’s Centre took part in a 12-month project organised by Salford City Council and Salford NHS to improve the nutritional content of nursery food.

Ceremonial Mayor Councillor Bernard Lea, who presented the ‘We Are Well Fed’ award from the council, said Little Hulton was one of four nurseries which agreed to take part in the project.

He said: “They submitted a typical weekly meal plan and our environmental health team checked the nutritional content.”

While none of the nurseries added salt to their food, many used  packet sauces and stock cubes which contain a lot of hidden salt.

Cllr Lea added: “Salt levels were higher than the recommended amount in every meal and in one case, up to five times higher than they should have been.”

Before the project, there were no national guidelines on healthy eating for under-fives but these have since been introduced by the School Food Trust. 

“The nursery now uses fresh ingredients which has cut salt levels dramatically and has adjusted fat and sugar levels in their meals which were also too high.

“They are also making sure children get four portions of carbohydrates every day which they need to keep their energy levels up.”

Little Hulton Children’s Centre’s success story is one that Cllr Lea is hoping will inspire others who may also aim for the top award.

Another 10 nurseries and 20 child-minders have already signed up to take part in the healthy eating assessment and training project working to the national guidelines.

Picture courtesy of crayonbeam, with thanks.

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