‘I’m sorry, I really am’: Remorseful soldier on trial for murdering girlfriend breaks down in Manchester court

By Dean Wilkins

A remorseful soldier on trial for murdering his girlfriend in Droylsden broke down in tears in Manchester Crown Court today.

Ian Lowe, 25, admitted he lost self-control during a fatal argument with Leanne McNuff, 23, on March 11 2012 after he found out on Facebook she had had an abortion without him knowing.

The jury were also told how he did not mean to stab her to death after he found out she was planning on taking their four-year-old son away from Manchester.

‘I’m sorry for it, I really am,” Lowe told David Fish QC, after revealing he was not in control of his actions.

Lowe also claimed that he broken into his girlfriend’s Facebook account to ‘stress her out’ but ending up finding out about her abortion and confronting her.

He said that Miss McNuff had challenged him with a knife – which she kept in her bedroom while he was away.

The court heard how she was repeatedly in her upper body and stamped on – Lowe admits manslaughter but denies murder.

“It was in her hand,” Lowe added. “I can’t explain what I did… I wish I could.”

The trial continues tomorrow.

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“It was in her hand,” he said. “I can’t explain what I did… I wish I could. I’m so sorry for it, I really am.”

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