Police to launch late-night taxi scheme to keep students safe

By Lauren Maughan

Police are introducing a late-night taxi scheme to improve safety for Manchester University students.

The scheme plans to combine with student unions to make sure students are able to get home at the end of the night even if they don’t have enough money.

Under the scheme, the respective students union will the taxi company in question and then the students will pay the union at a later date.

Inspector Andy Sidebottom for Greater Manchester Police said:  “As you can imagine a lot of our problems happen at early hours of the morning when you’ve got students trying to get home on their own and they either get robbed or worse.”

It is hoped that when the project is introduced students will be much safer at night.

The scheme has already been successful in Leeds.

Inspector Sidebottom explained that the police use what other universities do because there are some really good practices out there.

Hannah Paterson, Welfare Officer at Manchester University said: “We are working on a number of schemes to see if they will work for students in order to help them get home safely.”

This scheme is still in the early stages but there seems to be a lot of positive feedback if the project was introduced.

Amy Cannon, 21, a pharmacy student at the University of Manchester said: “A good night out can very easily go wrong if you put yourself in a vulnerable situation. At least with this scheme you can be assured of a safe journey home.”

George Pearson, 18, a Geology student at the University of Manchester said: “This sounds like a great idea. I think that students would really benefit from the taxi service.”

Miss Paterson explained that whilst plans are being finalised, Manchester University offers a 10% discount to students using certain taxi firms to try and encourage students to take safe means of transport home. 

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